STRIKE A POSE ‘Model and Talent Management’ Represents a Diverse Portfolio of Children and Adult Models of all ages both Male and Female in the NYC and surrounding areas. We have Fresh Faces to Satisfy any brief, from Fashion Shows, Print Work, Photo Shoots, T.V Commercials to Magazine’s and Editorials.

Our clients have worked with some of the biggest Companies in the Industry along the East Coast and abroad, which includes, Fashion Avenue News Magazine, Model World Magazine, Circle Of Sisters, NY Black Expo, NBA Wives Basketball Gala, Fashion On The Hudson, Rainbow Fashion Week, Bronx Fashion Week, Harlem Fashion Week and Fashionista “U.S Virgin Island” Walk Fashion Show and many others. They are professionally trained and comfortable working in any and all parts of the industry. We at S.A.P have many different personalities and attributes to fill any assignment.

Fashion Designer – Passionate Rebel

Bio: EL-Amin Jumuah is the founder of Passionate Rebel LLC. The Passionate Rebel brand is a fashion line/ lifestyle brand who creates fashionable apparel that promotes Self Direction and Passion Awareness to inspire people to “Rebel Against Not Following Their Passion.” EL-Amin’s a Morgan State graduate, fashion designer, and Passionate Rebel speaker. He’s the recipient of the 2016 Newark’s NJ Ubuntu 30 under 30 Wellness award for Passionate Rebel’s dedication to uplifting their community. EL-Amin has been featured on News 12 New Jersey’s Spotlight Edition, as well as various New York Fashion Week fashion platforms. With all of his success, EL-Amin continues his mission to be a positive example and agent of change in his community.

DozenFingers Photography

DozenFingers Photographyis a NYC local photographer. Specializing in events, portraits and cosplay. With his unique attention to detail passion for vibrancy and his expertise in post, he is sure to bring your vision to life!

2019 collection is called “Push The horizon” ! Pushing the limits & breaking the rules of fashion to express yourself.

 TruckingFlyWear is a brand created by artists driven by passion & sparked into fashion. We create 3D Art In Motion clothing . Hand painted artwork with a unique realistic feel to it and hats that represents STRENGTH & FEARLESSNESS. We also create beautiful chokers …Published in the New York Times and styled on the biggest celebrities…Clothes has been seen on TV shows such as “THE AVE SERIES” airing on AMAZON PRIME On Demand , Recently featured on SpikeLees 

 Contact us on Instagram at @truckingflywear or email us

 Wear your Heart on your sleeve and wear Trucking Fly Wear !

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