Hello! My name is Nicole, I am a 27 year old makeup artist based out of Queens,NY. Growing up born in queens but raised in Long Island I’ve gotten to experience a variety of people and different surroundings, experiencing all this has shown me i never “fit” in anywhere and always seemed to be the odd one out of the bunch. Ever since I was little I was always interested in the arts, whether it was drawing, painting, or graffiti. As I got older I knew I wanted to be an artist for a living, and that I wasn’t cut out for the regular 9-5 type job, but with age comes the realization that to be a artist is to struggle majority of the time, which lead me to finding makeup. Once I found that I can paint my face and others and make money from it I was set.  I’ve been working in the beauty industry for almost 10 years so far and there have been so many ups and downs and having a daughter at the age of 25 didn’t make things easier.  There have been plenty of times where a regular job just seemed like a smarter decision for my daughter and I, but I’m glad I stuck it out. Now that I’m working with MR Eyeliner , I’m really enjoying myself, I love working with people I see as friends and family and it doesn’t hurt that the eyeliner is the best I’ve ever used! I hope I get to be an official makeup artist for them for many years to come and I can’t wait to see how this company grows!


STEPHANIE – As a small girl I grew up watching my brother paint all the time. As a little girl I had many health issues when it came to eating, so I was always sitting at the table last and my father would draw doodles for me until I finished all my food, which would take me hours. I would watch the men of my life create beautiful art and I wanted to do the same. When I was 5 years old I took an X-Men vs Marvel game play magazine and started tracing the characters I loved. After getting my hand used to drawing the characters I started to just look at the imagines and draw it myself, some of them came out looking pretty weird but not awful. I would draw doodles but never took it seriously, I mostly did it to show my older brother that I could be cool too! During highschool I started drawing anime and made lots of friends who are amazing artist and I watched how they worked. After drawing for a long time I realized I won’t have the patience to work for an animation company, the workers for animation companies are extraordinary and I didn’t see myself being able to keep up. I love movies and always wanted to work on sets with movies but never infront of the camera. I started to do research and came across special effects makeup I also constantly watched FaceOff on sci-fi. I fell in love immediately. I started to teach myself about SFX makeup and body painting, by watching others do it and starting to find my own techniques. I then realized that there’s not many opportunities here in NY, not many classes to take and being a mother to a wonderful young boy I didn’t want to bring to many chemicals into my apartment. So I took a break on it and went back to drawing. When I was younger I started with comic characters then went to anime characters and I found myself drawing comic characters again and fell in love with it. I’m constantly getting inspired by my older brother who has his own comic out now. And I want to really be able to do what he does, but I always found myself loving the part where I color in my work and I love using as much colors as possible. If you look at my drawings they are full of color and so what I plan on learning is how to be a colorist, and make others comic work come to life. Comic books are such a wonderful thing and we need to keep them alive, I would love to work as a colorist in the future to be able to be a part of such a wonderful thing. With Mr Eyeliner I get the best of both worlds, Mr eyeliner has a range of wonderful colors plus getting back into my makeup roots. It’s an honor to see where this chapter in my life goes! I’m excited for this journey.



My name is Jasmin Moon and I am a certified makeup artist here in the heart of Spanish Harlem NYC. If someone told me 4 years ago that makeup artistry would be my passion I think I would have laughed. I was the biggest tomboy ever and my life was not glamorous at all, but life taught me that I have more to offer. After going through tough times I found You Tube and met amazing people who taught me that beauty not only comes from the inside but the most important kind of beauty is what you hold inside of your heart. It took me about a year to do my very first makeup video and this is coming from a person who has never wore makeup in her life and I was 28 when I first applied foundation (Pause for laughter LOL) As a makeup artist I want to share what I have learned with others and its important for me to be able to express myself in every artistic way possible whether it be with celebrities or a single mom I treat my clients equal after all we all want to be at of highest potential when it comes to self love. I want to be that person.


Katrina Fantastic AKA Kitty Bella of KittyBellaBeauty. A 12 year veteran in the beauty industry. Working with celebrities and every woman alike. It more than a career. It’s her passion and what she was born to do. The queen of natural glam as well as amped up dramatic looks. Afro Latina mother of two beautiful young ladies. 100 percent against bullying. Growing up as an over weight kid made me an easy target. But now as a body positive adult. I endorse beauty in all shapes, sizes, genders and nationalities. #MrEyeliner #Getprettywithkitty


Thank you to Mr Eyeliner for this opportunity to join your already amazing team. I’ve been taken pictures before polaroids were cool and house events weren’t Pay-per-view’s. Queens / Long Island native currently in Queens. I’ve volunteered for The Special Olympics, NY Fashion Week and Riot Fest. Ive been on tour with the rebellion lost. I’m an urban camper when it comes to seeing my favorite bands. When I’m not doing MR Eyeliner gigs you can probably find me out somewhere in NYC. You can catch it on my Instagram @monfresays.