Zach, aka “MrEyeliner”

Stylist /Creator, Anti-Bullying Activist and Speaker 

Zach, aka MrEyeliner started in the Beauty Industry as a child. He
learned his passion & talents from his mother, Ann. To this day, she
is his inspiration and supporter along with his family. Zach learned about supporting good causes even before realizing that he would grow to love the Beauty Industry

After years of holding positions within the beauty events and beauty marketing industry, Zach made a clear decision that at this stage of his life he wanted to help those in need and support those who are unfairly treated and wronged.  An opportunity presented itself to create a makeup brand which was one of his life-long dreams. With the assistance of Linda Eisner and his best friend, Chad Musarra Zach was able to combine his 2 loves; becoming a #stopthebullying activist/speaker combined with marketing an eyeliner pencil brand.

 MrEyeliner was born.  Zach had full intentions of having every pencil being designed for all individuals being priced fairly and affordable for all to purchase. The brand however was built with the full intention to bring attention and awareness of our cause. To support and fight to Stop All Bullying. Our mission is to make the world a more suitable place for individuality and acceptance through our MrEyeliner brand messages. 

 Zach, aka MrEyeliner is a Public Speaker. His program is about changing our culture and ending bullying altogether. Zach will travel to any event, show, city as his main goal is educating the masses. Introducing our brand which was created built around a positive cause.  We promote this message everywhere we go.  MrEyeliner had the honor to host the first ever “Stop Bullying in Our Culture” panel at the @MakeUpShowNYC and a “Stop Bullying in the Workplace Culture” panel at @BarberConNYC.  Zach continues to accept opportunities to spread his message. Contact him directly for bookings, business & product info at 917-776-4573 @MrEyeliner 




Chad, partner and best friend to Zach, aka MrEyeliner. They have worked together for several years on projects ranging from liaison gigs, event production, marketing and sales generation. Chad began his career within the sales, management and customer service training industries where he assisted in building successful websites for celebrities. He trained sales teams and used his intellect to open new accounts. For the last few years, Chad & Zach together have created teaching programs in the fight against bullying. Chad has run the tradeshow booths, support teams and has helped spread our “Eyeliner for All Individuals” message alongside our “#StoptheBullying” message. Chad has the gift of gab. He has always had the ability to speak to anyone. He has the ability to enlighten, guide, motivate and put a positive outlook to situations.  He is ready to grow the brand with his positive messaging & unique sales style.  He is the person that will always make you smile.

Eyeliner Queen Jasmin



My name is Jasmin Moon and I am a certified makeup artist here in the heart of Spanish Harlem NYC. If someone told me 4 years ago that makeup artistry would be my passion I think I would have laughed. I was the biggest tomboy ever and my life was not glamorous at all, but life taught me that I have more to offer. After going through tough times I found You Tube and met amazing people who taught me that beauty not only comes from the inside but the most important kind of beauty is what you hold inside of your heart. It took me about a year to do my very first makeup video and this is coming from a person who has never wore makeup in her life and I was 28 when I first applied foundation (Pause for laughter LOL) As a makeup artist I want to share what I have learned with others and its important for me to be able to express myself in every artistic way possible whether it be with celebrities or a single mom I treat my clients equal after all we all want to be at of highest potential when it comes to self love. I want to be that person.

Eyeliner Queen Katrina



Katrina Fantastic AKA Kitty Bella of KittyBellaBeauty. A 12 year veteran in the beauty industry. Working with celebrities and every woman alike. It more than a career. It’s her passion and what she was born to do. The queen of natural glam as well as amped up dramatic looks. Afro Latina mother of two beautiful young ladies. 100 percent against bullying. Growing up as an over weight kid made me an easy target. But now as a body positive adult. I endorse beauty in all shapes, sizes, genders and nationalities. #MrEyeliner #Getprettywithkitty