Introducing Eyeliner for Men

From Jared Leto to Johnny Depp and Adam Lambert, these men prove that eyeliner is for guys too. For years, male celebrities have been wearing eyeliner. Today everyday guys sport eyeliner. To connect with men who embrace eyeliner, the eyeliner pencil company Pencil Me In has launched a website for guys who wear eyeliner. sells three sets of eyeliner pencils with 6 colors per pack. The packs are expertly curated by founder Linda Eisner, who has been a cosmetic pencil formulator for decades. Color pack options include Classic Colors (Snow, Onyx, Char-Kohl, Brownie, Meteor, Boysenberry), Sophisticated Colors (Amethyst, Lapis, Denim, Indigo, Emerald City, Liberty Green) and Accent Colors (24 Karat, Platinum, Buff, Greystone, Mint, Sky). The eyeliner formula is simple, natural and free of parabens, gluten and petroleum. Plus each pencil comes with a handy sharpener on its cap. MSRP $40/pack at

On the front page of is a bearded man in a black bowler hat seen wearing gothic, dramatic black eyeliner while other photos show guys in t-shirts and business apparel wearing subtle brown eye liner. appeals to rock n rollers, Wall St executives and everyday guys that want to enhance their look.

“Eyeliner accentuates the eyes. It can be applied using neutral colors and thinness so subtle it’s not readily apparent but the effect still brings out and brighten the eyes. This silky smooth long lasting formula can also be applied smudgy to obvious to dramatic and outlandish. It’s all in the choice of color and application technique.” says founder Linda Eisner. “Depending on the effect you’re going for, there are three prechosen sets of colors for every desired look and photos on the website for inspiration.”

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