Kore Rozzik finalKore Rozzik uses menseyeliner. He wore the eyeliners in this shoot and took them on tour. You will be seeing a lot more of Kore in the coming months. Photo provided by Inspire2Create.

Kore Rozzik

I tried this men’s eyeliner line, and was pleasantly surprised that it goes on so easily and smoothly, and didn’t hurt, even close to the eye.

I also like that you can smudge them slightly to correct for an unsteady hand. Otherwise, it’d be stressful trying to apply it perfectly the first time.

I tried this men’s eyeliner color (Onyx/Black) for a Halloween costume, but wound up using the brown pretty regularly at night time. No one can even tell I’m wearing it, except that I seem to be getting a lot more compliments on my “skin”.

Everyone I tell about my experience with wearing Men’s eyeliner wants to know if they can try it. I think I’m starting a trend among my friends.


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